Analia Photography 

Broward County, Fl


SharpieArt by Analia


Many of you may not know that I like to draw as much as I like to take pictures. 

I do it as a form of therapy. 

Recently, I posted some iphone pictures of the drawings on my Facebook page and my friends started to ask me for designs, for themselves, to hang on their walls. 

Now even people that I don't know are buying my drawings! 

I think it's funny, but I can see why someone would like to have one of my drawings at their office or home. They are very colorful, 100% UNIQUE, and full of positive vibes. 

I "copy" the external shape from pictures I have seen in national geographic, in tattoos, or just in anything that catches my eye in a good way. Then, I go crazy in the inside of it.

Here you have the option to buy some of the canvas 

8x10.5 x 1.9 already made for $49 

16x20 x 1.9 already made for $116

or order a complete new one of your favorite thing in the world, like animals, flowers, insects or mandalas for 8x10.5 x 1.9 $62 (plus shipping) 16x20 x 1.9 $156

To buy the one already made, just click on the "add to cart" button and select "Buy canvas" shipping will be done in 1 week or less. Please Specify what design you want.

To order a complete new canvas with your ~favorite thing~ choose "Make my canvas" and  write the instructions for me to make your canvas. 

I usually ask for this info:

 ~what design you want, 

~which are your favorite colors, and

~why did you pick that kind of design(animal, insect etc)?

Buy or make?

Family Tree made to order